Now Sam Broadcaster 2014 is out of beta testing. They’re now on version 2014.3 and nothing ever seems to change with the program or the customer support.

I briefly tested it yesterday and the sound quality wasn’t a patch on RadioDJ. Mind the sound in SAM Broadcaster always has been dodgy.

If the 2 releases of SAM Broadcaster 2014 are anything to go by it’s just the same overpriced program that it has always been.

The first version I tested 2014.2 crashed on me after 5 minutes.

I highly doubt you will see any major changes to the software in 2014. Bug fixes (if you are lucky) and more SAM Vibe integration. I also noted with this beta release comes the mother of all scams again.

The Spacial DJ seat system. Which is now designed to work through SAM Vibe Broadcaster Cloud.

Most people I see speaking about the DJ Seat system on the Internet feel the DJ seat system is just another way of making users of the software cough up more money for the software.

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It’s seems the band of unhappy users just keep coming.

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Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster 2014 not working properly and vote with your wallet and try FREE software like RadioDJ which is proven to work.

SAM Broadcaster 2014 still has the same bugs that the program had back in version 2.7.9 and they never seem to fix them.

Don’t buy SAM Broadcaster 2014 you will only be paying Spacial Audio to make even more bad versions of the program.

Last updated on: 31st May 2017
at 14:41 PM Europe/London