RadioDJ Free radio automation download (If the link isn’t [...]" /> RadioDJ Free radio automation download (If the link isn’t wor…" />

The RadioDJ streaming plugin will stream to any Shoutcast v1/v2 & Icecast server.

You can find a download of Radio DJ by clicking on the picture below.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

(If the link isn’t working for you right click on the picture and “Save Link As”)

How to install the streaming plugin.

1) You will need to download the plugin itself. You can find that Download here

2) You will need to unzip the files and place “System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll” In the main RadioDJ program folder along with the bassenc.dll file.

3) Then you will need to place Plugin_Encoder.dll into the plugins folder of RadioDJ.

4) You will also need the encoder files in order to stream in mp3/AAC etc…

“Create a new folder in the RadioDJ plugin folder called “encoders” and place the .exe .dll files required for encoding in that folder”

To stream in mp3 you will need lame_enc.dll which can be found Here

TIP: To setup an encoder you need to “right click” in the encoder window.

If you wish to stream in AAC or OGG vorbis then you will need to use a standalone piece of encoding software such as RadioCaster/MB Recaster that support the streaming of those formats.

If you have entered your stream server details correctly you should now be able to stream from RadioDJ to a Shoutcast/Icecast server.

If you should have any issues with the plugin help can always be found on the Community Forums

Please Note: This plugin is supplied as seen.

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