For the past 5 years we’ve used RadioDJ as our music automation solution.


The one thing we can say about RadioDJ is once you nail the settings of the built in sound processing then all your music will sound great.

We’ve tested all sorts of settings and configurations over the years some worked some didn’t it was all trial and error.

A few weeks ago one user of RadioDJ posted his sound settings so I thought I’d give them a try.


I was pleasantly surprised by how good it sounded with those settings. In fact I’d go as far as say these settings are just about perfect, makes it a pleasure to listen to my music collection.

We find its usually best to encode music files as mp3 at 320kbps to get great sound quality.

“Crap In = Crap out, Especially if the quality isn’t that great from the ripped file.”

(If the CD is badly recorded/pirated then the sound quality won’t be that good always use a genuine CD)

Note: While these settings work for us there is no guarantee they will work on your system. You don’t have to use these settings you can always tweak it if needed. These settings are merely a suggestion.

Remember: If you put the hard work in with your sound then you will attract lots of listeners, There’s no excuse for a bad sounding/distorted radio stream.

The sound quality is just one of the reasons why RadioDJ is so great as an automation solution.

Did we mention it’s FREE??

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