RadioDJ Recording Plugin.

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The recording plugin is able to record what you are playing through RadioDJ so it’s perfect for recording shows with.

Please note support for this plugin is limited if it doesn’t work for you then use another piece of software such as Audacity to record your shows with.



1: Download the required files from Here

2: Unzip the folder and place the Plugin_Record.xml and Plugin_Record.dll files into the plugin folder within the RadioDJ folder.

3: Important!! Make sure you have the encoders folder from This post inside your plugins folder. You need lame_enc.dll & lame.exe files in order for the recorder to record.

4: Restart RadioDJ and click the options button. Then click on plugins. In the list of available plugins there should be the recording plugin.

5: Highlight it and click on settings and you should see this window.

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**N.B: At the moment you can’t set it to load into a zone. It only runs nested in a separate window**

6: Click on “Browse” to set the folder where you want to save your recordings. Don’t worry about setting a filename it records with a date and time stamp.

7: On the plugin window click on “Show” to get the recorder to open in a new window. To start recording manually press the red record button.

8: There is also an option under events that allows you to start/stop recording at a set time. Click Options> Events > New event> + New event> Select Plugin action. There should be an option in the drop-down menu to stop or start the recorder.

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That’s all there is to the plugin it’s pretty straight forward and works as expected.

We hope you find this tutorial useful.

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