When we see someone on social media having an issue with SAM Broadcaster we try and let them know there’s a better free alternative.

Yesterday we suggested RadioDJ to someone on Twitter and they came back with…

“Oh but I’ve heard RadioDJ is dodgy?”

Where people are getting the idea RadioDJ is “dodgy” from we don’t know.

We know of a few blogs posts from other software/hosting companies who try to make out RadioDJ is inferior because of the fact it’s free.

Those blog posts are just a pack of lies!

We’re also aware there are some free automation software offerings out there that aren’t up to the job but that isn’t the case with RadioDJ.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We’ve used RadioDJ for 5 and a half years now and couldn’t be happier. It has never let us down.

RadioDJ is a fully fledged radio studio automation program it works great for live shows or just automating a stream.

It’s 100% FREE for use by any DJ or any radio station.

There are also NO hidden fees or catches with RadioDJ just radio automation software that works as designed.

One user has had his copy of RadioDJ running for 234 days (approx 7.5 months) without needing to restart it.

We wouldn’t be promoting the program if there was anything remotely dodgy about it.

For the record we do not spam anyone when it comes to RadioDJ.

We’re freely entitled as the next person to express our opinion and suggest free software as a solution to a users problem.

“If people stopped being blinkered by other radio software manufacturers claims about RadioDJ and actually gave the program a try they’d find it’s not in the slightest bit dodgy!”

So next time we see someone trying to make out RadioDJ is dodgy as a program. We will tell them they are in fact bullshitting.

“There is NOTHING remotely dodgy about RadioDJ free radio automation software & You can quote me on that if you like”


Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 18:20 PM Europe/London

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