You can automatically backup your RadioDJ database at a specified hour of the day with the database setup tool.

It’s pretty straight forward to set up.

1) Download RadioDJ
2) Install RadioDJ to C:\RadioDJv2 outside of the program folder.
3) Open up databasesetup.exe inside the setup folder.
4) Install RadioDJ and install your database as per these Instructions
5) In the second tab set the time and location where you want to backup your database.
6) Minimise to the tray and leave it running.

It will automatically backup your database at the hour you set it to backup.

Top Tip: Try making sure you backup your database to an external drive. A small 1GB USB pen drive will do. That way you don’t have to worry about losing your database data in the unlikely event of your database crashing or a power cut.

It’s rare we have to do any maintenance on the database itself it just chugs along day after day.

Download RadioDJ v2

Last updated on: 21st May 2018
at 13:11 PM Europe/London