So a user comes onto the RadioDJ forums saying he is having issues working the WordPress plugin.

Then goes onto to say his webhost is HostGator.

That is unfortunately where his problem lies. Hostgator don’t allow connections on port 3306 (SQL).

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We know of several other companies that actively block ports 3306.

Why are these hosts blocking access via these ports.

What are they so afraid of?

Users pay for a service and can’t have much useful content if these ports aren’t open.

Go Daddy are citing “Security Issues” as to why they don’t open port 3306. Strange when other hosting companies are only to happy to let you have access to the SQL port.

My advice is always ask questions before purchasing web space of a provider.

Avoid web hosts like HostGator and Go Daddy as they will never open those ports. Even if you ask nicely.

Shop around, Search Google there are web hosts out there who will give you access to the SQL port. So you can have Now playing info and requests on your website.

Last updated on: May 31st, 2017
at 13:52 PM Europe/London

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