Cloud Hosting Is It Worth It?

I’ve recently noticed a rise in companies like Spacial Audio, RadioJar and Radionomy offering packages that enable you to run a radio station in the cloud. The question is are they are actually worth paying out for?

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I personally think not. Most of the packages I see advertised by the representatives of these companies are very poor value for money. You can rent your own VPS with far more storage space for a fraction of the price they charge.

I know I like to be in full control when I’m streaming my music on a radio station. I want the program at my fingertips, Not away from my PC on a virtual cloud server.

It’s just what the world of Radio does NOT need. Another load of automated stations streaming from a cloud server with no on air talent. You have enough of them already listed on Shoutcast/Icecast.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 23:33 PM Europe/London

The Men In Suits Strike Again!

The “Men in suits” have struck again, by men in suits I mean the guys who run radio stations at boardroom level. The main radio company that has this problem seems to be Global who own brands such as Heart, XFM, Smooth and Gold.

You may ask well what have they done wrong?

What they have done wrong is make a complete and utter mess of the radio.

My case in point being Gold. It was perfectly good station to listen to but as from 24th March 2014 I doubt it will be worth listening to.

Several DJ’s have been laid off and it’s just going to be automated most of the time.

That’s not what people want from radio. Most people want to hear a friendly presenter on air not repetitive automated music.

I just wish those “Men In Suits” would stop messing around with the stations they own and just leave the production up those who know best i.e: The on air DJ’s.

I wonder just how much this will impact on their RAJAR figures after the changes as I would imagine a lot of listeners are going to turn elsewhere for music radio.

Sam Broadcaster Request Server Security Flaw!

SAM Broadcaster Request Server Security Flaw! Yes you read the title properly folks. It seems the built in webserver that handles listener requests in SAM broadcaster has a security flaw in it.

SAM broadcaster is already a dodgy enough program without adding stuff like this on top! I saw this post on the SAM broadcaster forums last night….

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Yes you are reading that post correctly. “I will need to check on that in SAM, that probably could present a security issue.”

No probably about it about it. When there’s a security hole it leaves a users system open to all sorts of vulnerabilities.

Then just this morning he came back with this.

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“Right, but what I am starting to realize is that there is a problem in the way we determine who gets access and the end user’s perspective of how it should work. I am not looking to make this process more difficult. IP Whitelisting is really an insecure way to go about this if we are trusting the local DNS because that could be compromised or misconfigured. I mean it certainly is better than trusting all connections but that is like saying having a door on your house is enough to keep burglars out.

This problem has more than likely been in the program for years. I knew there was something that wasn’t quite right about the way the requests were handled in SAM Broadcaster (Far too complicated to set up for starters) I just knew that it wasn’t as secure as it should have been.

So yet again it just appears the problems are racking up for SAM broadcaster. Think about your server and computers security when choosing software that handles requests and don’t buy SAM broadcaster from Spacial Audio.

It could leave your computer open to attack. Which would be the last thing you would need when running an Internet radio station.

Quick update on this post: 25/07/2014 There have also now been some security issues found within the samPHPweb templates themselves.You can read about that here.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 23:45 PM Europe/London

Keep Calm And Use Radiodj

Keep Calm and use RadioDJ

Spacial audio have a picture on their facebook page.

They are asking their users to “Keep calm and use SAM”

I can assure you “Calm” was the last thing I was when I was using SAM Broadcaster.

I used to swear frequently at the computer because it would never work right.

Since I made the switch to Radio DJ Free radio automation software.

I’m no where near as frustrated as RadioDJ seems to work flawlessly.

So I think it’s only right that RadioDJ has it’s own poster!

Remember “Keep Calm and use RadioDJ”

(Feel FREE to use this poster on your website)

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You’ll feel all warm and squishy inside when you do!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 23:45 PM Europe/London

All Change For The Shoutcast Yp Listings

I noticed about 2 hours ago that I couldn’t find certain stations on

After I logged onto the Winamp forums all became apparent when I saw this announcement from DrO.

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The name servers on the Shoutcast website no longer point to AOL servers but now Radionomy’s servers.



Whois Server:

Referral URL:





What does this mean for the shoutcast YP listings? At this stage we can only but guess that they will look a lot different when Radionomy have finished with them.

I guess the next few weeks/months will be an interesting time for Internet Radio…

Last updated on: March 27th, 2017
at 06:42 AM Europe/London

Radiodj Tutorial (Basic)

RadioDJ Tutorial a handy guide to using Radio DJ free automation software.

One of the users over on the RadioDJ forum took time out to do a basic tutorial for the latest version of the software. Many thanks for this Jhonny I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

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A download of the tutorial can be found Here

Just unzip and open the tutorial with a suitable PDF reading program such as Adobe.

Of course this is just a basic guide which covers the basics of RadioDJ.

If you get stuck with something don’t forget the RadioDJ support forum is there to help.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 20:52 PM Europe/London

Wot No Proper Web Address?

Recently I’ve seen a rise in links with people offering shoutcast/icecast servers and even links to software all using a .tk web address.

According to Stop forum spam .tk is a well known spammers way of doing things.

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As you can see from the above picture this sounds like yet another fly by night shoutcast host. Who doesn’t appear to have a proper web address instead he’s got a .tk one.

When searching for a shoutcast/icecast host make sure you follow these rules.

1) Make sure the host you intend to use has a proper web address and email address.

2) Read reviews about them on radio websites such as Broadcasting World

3) Look at their uptime any company that claims to have 100% uptime is lying.

(99.9% is acceptable as no host ever has 100% uptime)

4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you sign up. Any company worth their salt will get back to you with answers.

At the end of the day you want your station to sound professional and you certainly don’t need a host who’s servers aren’t up to the job.

Remember a fool and his money are easily parted!

I certainly would never entertain any web host or server host using a .tk address to sell their wares. It’s not a proper website address.

Last updated on: January 29th, 2014
at 14:17 PM Europe/London

Remote Database Issues?

Every now and then we see users having database issues with RadioDJ.

Then in the next sentence they then mention they are attempting to use a remote MySQL database. STOP IT!

“Trying to run RadioDJ on remote database is a really bad idea, All you need is the slightest connection problem or packet loss and bang it will freeze/crash the program & believe me that’s the last thing you need when running stream”

A database running on the same machine is a lot better for performance among other things.

If you need to access the database from outside (i.e request page) then all you need to do is make sure that port 3306 is open on your computer firewall and router.

If you do run RadioDJ with a remote database please don’t start kicking and screaming because something isn’t working right.

Don’t say we didn’t try and warn you…

Last updated on: March 31st, 2017
at 12:59 PM Europe/London

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