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I probably don’t praise the developer of RadioDJ enough.

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The software has come on leaps and bounds this past year of two. It’s just simply wonderful to have a piece of software that does what it’s supposed to.

Even when i had a small problem with one of the RC releases Marius came to my aid and did a remote support session.

How many software developers do you know that would do that. Without charging you for the pleasure?

I know for a fact that Spacial audio would charge you through the nose for a remote support session with SAM Broadcaster.

I think it’s something like $30 an hour.

Just to be able to have a stress free experience with a piece of software is bliss!

I lost count how many times I swore at SAM broadcaster over the years because it wouldn’t work properly.

If RadioDJ had been around 10 years ago I’d probably would have had a successful radio station by now.

Instead I spent just shy of 8 years getting frustrated with software.

Marius you rock!! Thanks for such brilliant software!

Don’t Stream with Spacial? No support!

Just when I think Spacial Audio support can’t sink any lower I see this on the facebook page for SAM broadcaster.

A user is having issues with the encoders in the latest version of SAM broadcaster 2014 disconnecting on him every 5 minutes.

I’ve written about the Encoders in SAM being dodgy before!

Spacial support have come back to this user and said because he isn’t using their “Streaming” services they can’t help him.

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Does anyone else see the problem here?

The user has stated that his stream host isn’t having any issues. Last time I looked Voscast had a pretty decent uptime.

So it seems yet again the problem lies within SAM Broadcaster and it’s dodgy encoders!

You know the drill by now: Don’t buy SAM Broadcaster or any software product from Spacial Audio.

Don’t Stream with Spacial? No support! when something goes wrong.

How To: Get Listed on Steamcast

How To: Get Listed on Steamcast?

I’ve known about Steamcast for quite sometime now. After seeing a forum post about it yesterday I tried setting up a server on the computer.

Even for someone with a reasonable knowledge of how to configure stuff I was stumped while trying to get it up and running.

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After trying both the Windows & Linux versions of Steamcast I just couldn’t get the encoder to connect. I kept getting a “Bad Password” error yet I tried both the admin and DJ passwords.

Then I read a bit more info on Steamcast on this post on Broadcasting world

I then realised you don’t need a Steamcast server to be listed on the Steamcast website. You can do this quite easily through your Icecast server.

You just need to add this bit of code to your Icecast server configuration file.

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You can find the copy and paste of the code Here

Just add it to the code to the .xml configuration file of your Icecast server.

Restart your icecast server for the changes to take effect.

If all goes to plan and your server is listed as public your station should be listed Here

It really is that simple!

So the testing is going well?

I checked on the Spacial audio facebook page earlier and saw this post from a user who is helping beta test the new 2014 version of SAM Broadcaster.

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Now users are having major issues with being able to connect to Live365 with the latest version of SAM Broadcaster 2014.2

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So the testing is going well then? It certainly doesn’t look that way to me.

It seems they just go from bad release to bad release with SAM Broadcaster.

I hope this sends out a clear message to anyone thinking about buying SAM broadcaster from Spacial.

Their software developers haven’t got a clue! Don’t waste your time with it and save yourself the headaches and even the cash.

Where as RadioDJ is far more stable even under beta testing conditions.

If you are looking for a stable broadcasting program use RadioDJ it holds up a lot better than any beta version of SAM Broadcaster ever will.

Give it up Spacial no one wants SAM Broadcaster with it’s outrageous price tag and it’s problems anymore!

Nothing Ever Changes.

This morning I managed to get my hands on a copy of SAM Broadcaster 2014.2

So I thought I would give a spin and see what was what.

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Nice to see that nothing ever changes with the software.

It’s still the same old unreliable program that it has always been.

I only had it open for 15 minutes before it did one of it’s infamous disappearing acts.

Yep it’s still doing what it’s always done crashing without warning.

Spacial Audio are utterly clueless.

I get a feeling they are still writing it with Borland/Embarcadero Delphi which I’ve blogged about before Here .

My advice to anyone thinking about buying SAM Broadcaster 2014 is:


Switch to RadioDJ Which is FREE (No catch) and is written in .NET

(Works on XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8)

Plus it won’t crash or whinge like SAM Broadcaster does.

Give it up Spacial Audio your software is so badly written even a monkey in a cage could do a better job.

Handling RadioDJ Requests

Now RadioDJ has the ability to take listener requests from a website. I thought I would just do a small article on how best to go about handling RadioDJ requests within the program.

In order to stay within DMCA rules you need to delay a request for at least 60 minutes (Especially if you run a station in the USA)

Read the full article

RadioCaster: A Review

RadioCaster: A Review

Earlier today I went to try & test this piece of standalone encoding software from the same guy that makes RadioBoss.

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Unfortunately like the other software offerings from DJ Soft there’s yet again another limitation on usage with the demo.

It seems to want to insert an “Stream Encoded by RadioCaster” message into the stream every 10-15 minutes.

Why such harsh limitations on a demo piece of software?

Surely limiting it to a certain number of uses would be better than a horrible voice over the stream after so many minutes?.

What if I wanted to test it to record a radio show with it? I wouldn’t be able to.

Sadly DJ Soft and other software creators have become so scared someone will try and crack their paid for software offerings that they feel the need to resort to severely limiting the demo versions.

Even though RadioCaster seems like it could be a great piece of software.

I am for the time being sticking to Edcastwhich is a free encoding program.

Plus I can use Edcast without having to worry about limitations!

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