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I’ve found myself yet again having to defend myself and this blog on social media.

I’m fed up with people trying to tell me what I can and cannot write on my Blog and Facebook pages.

It’s simple if you don’t like what I write on this website or what I write on Facebook then it’s pretty simple.

F**K off and read someone else’s blog or even start your own!

I’ve wasted far too much time fighting with “Trolls” this past 2/3 years and quite frankly it’s getting boring!

If you feel the need to try and tell me what to write or think then you will quickly get on the wrong side of me.

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If you have a problem with this blog we suggest you read the Disclaimer Page!

If you feel the need to abuse me on Facebook or any other social media site you will also find yourself getting blocked!

Message to the Trolls: Go back under whatever stone you crawled out from. I’m past caring!

Any wonder I’ve now quit the world on internet radio?

Last updated on: March 27th, 2017
at 15:26 PM Europe/London

Auto Start No!

Auto start. No!: I think one of my biggest bug bears about Internet radio station websites has to be audio players on the main page auto starting without any warning.

Just clicked on a link from Broadcasting world and the station “VapingCloud” Radio suddenly started playing.

It really annoys me when I visit a radio station website to see what it looks like. Then the audio starts, That’s not what I want from a radio station website I’m afraid.

Most people tend to prefer websites that use tune in icons or a pop up player.

Please I urge station owners that have players on auto start to stop it.

Don’t force it upon someone to listen.

People are more likely to click off your station page if you allow the player to auto start.

Let the person visiting the website choose to listen if they want to.

Last updated on: March 27th, 2017
at 01:17 AM Europe/London

Sam Broadcaster Pro Eula Licence

I did a post a few days back about the restrictions that Terrestrial stations have when it comes to using SAM Broadcaster.

It would appear that Spacial audio restrict what you can do with the software even further with the SAM broadcaster Pro EULA Licence.

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You can only run 1 station per licence with SAM Broadcaster. Which means if you have more than 1 station on the go the cost is going to rack up significantly!

Running 3 stations would equal $897 even before you shell out for hosting and streaming.

This is really money for old rope.

Even after shelling out the $$$ for SAM Broadcaster you still don’t actually own the program. Spacial do.

Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster and its EULA licence restrictions by using RadioDJ Instead.

You are freely allowed to use RadioDJ for as many stations you want to use it for. Without any restrictions in the licence agreement.

I know of several users who have more than 1 station running successfully with RadioDJ.

Yet another reason you shouldn’t pay Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster.

Spacial I think you know what you can do with your SAM Broadcaster Pro EULA Licence!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:54 PM Europe/London

Sam Broadcaster 2014

Now Sam Broadcaster 2014 is out of beta testing. They’re now on version 2014.3 and nothing ever seems to change with the program or the customer support.

I briefly tested it yesterday and the sound quality wasn’t a patch on RadioDJ. Mind the sound in SAM Broadcaster always has been dodgy.

If the 2 releases of SAM Broadcaster 2014 are anything to go by it’s just the same overpriced program that it has always been.

The first version I tested 2014.2 crashed on me after 5 minutes.

I highly doubt you will see any major changes to the software in 2014. Bug fixes (if you are lucky) and more SAM Vibe integration. I also noted with this beta release comes the mother of all scams again.

The Spacial DJ seat system. Which is now designed to work through SAM Vibe.

Most people I see speaking about the DJ Seat system on the Internet feel the DJ seat system is just another way of making users of the software cough up more money for the software.

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It’s seems the band of unhappy users just keep coming.

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Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster 2014 not working properly and vote with your wallet and try FREE software like RadioDJ which is proven to work.

SAM Broadcaster 2014 still has the same bugs that the program had back in version 2.7.9 and they never seem to fix them.

Don’t buy SAM broadcaster 2014 you will only be paying Spacial Audio to make even more bad versions of the program.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 18:42 PM Europe/London

Bye Bye Childhood….

Bye Bye Childhood….

When the news broke that Jimmy Savile had abused young children while at the BBC & in hospitals. It was a big shock for everyone.

Appalling as that news was along came Operation yewtree which then lead to the Stewart Hall trial & now the Rolf Harris trial.

In which Rolf has just been found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault against children.

It’s all a bit sickening when people you looked up to as a kid are suddenly found guilty of such acts of depravity.

I’d imagine the Queen is at this very moment ordering the portrait of her by Rolf Harris be burned!

No child deserves to go through that hell. I know I was once that child being abused by someone.

Thankfully my abuser was also caught and locked up. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t spot in in time with Jimmy Savile.

I really hope Rolf Harris rots for this….It’s totally ruined my childhood.

Remember: If you know child abuse is happening or someone is grooming a child online then report them immediately to the relevant authorities.

There is no place for animals like this is civilised society!

Stop Spamming Me Spacial Audio

I’ve just recieved an email from offering me SAM broadcaster at a knocked down price.

Apparently it’s their 15th anniversary.

15th anniversary of making crap software was that?

I want to know why I’m still getting emails from this bunch of clowns. Especially when I quite clearly asked them to remove my email from their database over 3 years ago.

stop spam

Stop Spamming Me Spacial Audio! I don’t want SAM broadcaster now or ever again.

I’ve got far better FREE software to broadcast with now.

I’ve added their sales email address to spam assasin. Just to be on the safe side I better set up a filter in thunderbird so I don’t see them ever again.

It’s not your given right to spam people via email Spacial. Get my email address off your system NOW!

Why Still Use Windows Xp & Radiodj?

Why Still Use Windows XP & RadioDJ?

While trying to give help and advice to someone struggling to get MySQL talking to the RadioDJ webscript the user let it slip that he’s still using Windows XP.

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That explains a lot it’s nearly 3 months since Microsoft stopped supporting that as an OS.

Further to that it’s bound to be full of security holes that Microsoft won’t be patching anytime soon.

Seriously if you are still using XP on an old computer theres going to be hardware conflicts if you try installing newer hardware.

What’s likely to happen there is lots of “Blue Sceens of death” and no one wants them.

It’s probably time you splashed out on a newer system and operating system. You can get a decent tower for around £200 ($340) from Amazon.

RadioDJ seems to work rather well on Windows 7.

I believe it also works on Windows 8 once you’ve activated all the .NET compents and updated Visual basic.

If your serious about Internet radio you want to be able to get the best performance out of your PC so things run smoothly.

Time to take a sledgehammer to that old tower!!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 20:28 PM Europe/London

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