SAM Broadcaster Crossfade Problems

SAM Broadcaster Crossfade Problems

As hard as I tried over the years I could never get SAM Broadcaster to transition smoothly between songs.

“This happened with every version of the software from 2.7.9 through to the newer versions. So it’s not just a problem confined to one version of SAM Broadcaster but every version of it”

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Even the default settings would cut the end of a song off.

All my files were ripped properly and volume levelled so that wasn’t the issue.

I even tried settings that Festerhead suggested on the SAM Broadcaster forums but that only made the issue worse.

“We think Spacial Audio ripped off the SQR Crossfade plugin from Winamp and totally ruined it when they coded it into SAM”

This is not a problem I’ve encountered with RadioDJ.

RadioDJ crossfades without cutting the ends of songs off. These are the crossfade settings I use with RadioDJ.

silenceremover fadeout

If you have been frustrated by the crossfade not working properly in SAM Broadcaster then we know exactly how you feel.

Make the switch to RadioDJ free radio automation software and all your crossfading nightmares will be over!

Remember you don’t need to keep paying Spacial Audio money for a program that simply doesn’t work.

Homophobia in Music

Homophobia in Music?

It seems recently there has been a lot in the news about pop stars singing homophobic lyrics in songs.

Apparently it’s rife within the rap music scene where it’s tolerated (sic) as part of a rap battle.

Is it right that there’s a perceived culture of Homophobia within certain sections of the music industry?

Hell NO!

I feel it shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

“Recently one of the X-factor winners was heard during a rap battle to use homophobic slang and doesn’t seem to have any remorse about having done it. He has since tried apologising about it but I think the apology has fallen on deaf ears”

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Of course homophobia is nothing new in pop music.

You had artists such as Shabba Ranks who would openly use derogatory comments about gay people in his music.

Writing this as a Gay man I find any form of homophobia quite frankly unacceptable.

I put up with enough of that crap growing up in the 1980s. Even if you don’t like someone because of their sexuality you have no place judging them.

“After all being Gay or Lesbian isn’t a choice it’s who we are and how we were born”

If you are a pop star who thinks it’s OK to use anti-gay lyrics in your songs then it’s very much a case of SHAME ON YOU!

There is NO place for Homophobia in this world.

When SAM Broadcaster Auto Updates Go Wrong!

When SAM Broadcaster Auto Updates Go Wrong!

I read a post on the Spacial forums today where a user had just downloaded the latest version of SAM broadcaster because the program told him there was an update available.

The problem was this user was using SAM Broadcaster 2013 and the auto updater tried updating it to SAM Broadcaster 2014 for which the user didn’t have a valid key & inevitably it all went horribly wrong for him.

He now can’t get his copy of 2013 reactivated until the support staff (or lack of) are back in the office. It’s a holiday weekend in America.

So it looks like he’s going to be stuck until at least Tuesday with no way of using SAM Broadcaster.

This is yet another reason why people should ditch SAM Broadcaster and use Radio DJ Free Radio Automation software instead.

Radio DJ has an auto update function that gives you the latest version automatically without the added headache of a registration key not being valid.

Maybe one day Spacial will get something right? Probably NOT!

SAM Bashing

Yet again I’ve been given a barrage of abuse by some idiot, The person had a go at me about the posts on this website about SAM Broadcaster.

I also had to ban the same person from my Facebook page for the same reason.

Get a grip! I’m not bashing SAM Broadcaster. I’m letting people know just how truly terrible SAM Broadcaster is as a product.

It’s not just me who seems to have a problem with Spacial Audio either.

I keep seeing complaint after complaint on social media from lots & lots of very unhappy SAM Broadcaster users. These are just some of the many posts.

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It’s not just us who think SAM Broadcaster isn’t worth the money Spacial Audio ask for the program.

So pack in having a go at me just because you think I’m bashing SAM Broadcaster and Spacial Audio.

Not a week goes by without someone mentioning they’ve switched software because they are unhappy with the direction Spacial Audio seem to be heading.

SAM Bashing? Nope! It’s just a valid point of view about a piece of badly coded software.

Which last time I looked I was entitled to.

P.S: If you don’t like what is written on this website. DON’T READ IT! No one is forcing you.

SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues

SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues: Just had this brought to my attention on Twitter.

No I’m not bashing SAM again I’m telling people the facts.

Please Note: The report about the SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues was NOT compiled by me.

The report was written by someone else.

So you can stop accusing me of lying about the SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues when the facts are there in black and white.

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The Full report can be downloaded Here in .pdf format.

So now everyone can know just how bad the security holes within SAM Broadcaster and it’s website templates are.

I’ve written about the request system having a flaw in it before.

This could also explain why it randomly crashes and corrupts the database.

Spacial are probably aware of these security issues but not actually doing anything to fix them.

This is yet another reason to stop buying software from Spacial Audio.

Save your cash and switch to Radio DJ instead the website templates for RadioDJ are better written.

Stop using SAM Broadcaster website templates you are only putting your computer or web server at risk.

Shoutcast Ad supported Streams

Just read an article on Broadcasting World.

Radionomy have now launched Shoutcast Ad supported streams.

Which means an advert will play over your stream 2 times per hour.

This is if you are signed up totheir SHOUTcast Streaming Service.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not?

I just wonder how many listeners this is going to put off listening to a stream though Shoutcast?

I doubt this will do much for a lot of users other than annoy the people wanting to listen to music.

I feel that if people wanted adverts on a radio station then they would be listening to a station on the FM Dial or DAB not online!

One huge question remains:

Now Radionomy are sticking adverts into peoples streams does that mean Radionomy are paying for the royalties for that stations stream as well?

If the answer to that is yes then it would be a good idea.

If not then it’s a NO from me.

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