Spacial Audio Customer Revolt?

Spacial Audio Customer Revolt?

I wouldn’t say there’s a customer revolt going on on Spacial audio’s facebook page at the moment but it would seem all is not well.

These customers took to complaining on the Spacial facebook page over the weekend.





So yet again you see it’s NOT just me that appears to have issues with Spacial audio and SAM broadcaster.

Spacial need to wake up before their whole business goes down the swanny.

I just love this quote from the Spacial marketing dept “Owners of the current version will have a lot of interesting surprises next year!”

WTF? People will stll have to pay even more money to get those features.

If you are fed up to the back teeth with being taken for a ride by Spacial Audio and their fees for SAM Broadcaster.

Then the solution is simple!

Switch to the better Radio DJ FREE Radio automation software instead.

You will get the support you need when something goes wrong via the user forums.

It really is time people stopped buying software from Spacial.

Stop treating your customers as “Cash Cows”

SAM Broadcaster Bad SQL!

SAM Broadcaster Bad SQL!

We keep seeing posts on the Spacial Audio Facebook pages and forums from people saying that their queue list table within MySQL has crashed and is corrupted.

This is usually the MySQL error that people get.

“Mysqli prepare error: Table ‘samdb_mysql.queuelist’ doesn’t exist”

Or they simply just get a message like this.

Click to enlarge

This is nothing new and has been a major issue within SAM Broadcaster SQL tables ever since SAM Broadcaster v2.7.9

It just goes to show that the SQL structure wasn’t written properly in the first place.

In Fact it’s a really badly written SQL structure which is prone to going wrong when you least want it too.

SAM Broadcaster’s badly coded SQL structure was also another reason we ditched the program and started using RadioDJ

We have yet to have a major database crash with RadioDJ.

There is a simple fix for this.

1) Uninstall SAM Broadcaster from your computer.
2) Flush all SAMDB Tables from your SQL server.
3) Install RadioDJ and run the database setup utility.
4) Start enjoying running a stress free radio station!

You will be a lot happier in the long run.

There is just no need for SAM Broadcaster to have badly coded SQL tables!

Sam Broadcaster 2014.6

I see Spacial have released SAM broadcaster 2014.6 today for their registered users.

Click to enlarge

Changelog: -v2014.6 (11 Novemeber 2014)
* AAC decoding support.
* Fix SpacialNet encoder archive issue.
* SAMVIBE: Add support polling when Websockets fail.
* SAMVIBE: Encoder now automatically detect server changes.
* SAMVIBE: Synchronization improvements for Live Broadcasting window.

(Notice they can’t even spell November correctly)

As you can see it’s just more updates to do with SAM Vibe than actually fixing any of the major bugs in the program.

So far this year every release seems to have been over taken with SAM Vibe stuff rather than any new additions to the program itself.

The only major update is it can apparently now play AAC files.

A feature that had been asked for at least 7/8 years ago on the feature requests on the forum.

If it’s taking them that long to add new features then they really are taking the piss out of their user base.

You the user are just paying Spacial’s development team to be lazy.

It’s not like they’ve done anything major to update the software this year.

Users of the software have yet again have paid through the nose for a few minor additions.

This is why the whole yearly subscription plan with SAM broadcaster really does suck.

Stop paying Spacial for crap software & switch to a better FREE alternative like

Radio DJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ works and is proven to be more stable than SAM broadcaster.

Windows 10 Developer Preview

Today for the most part I’ve been busy testing the Windows 10 developer preview.

Click to enlarge

So far the results have been good it seems to handle rather well. It doesn’t seem as fiddly or as annoying as Windows 8 was.

I’ve done the same as I did when the Windows 8 developer preview came out.

Tested to see how RadioDJ handled being on a new version of Windows.

I got MariaDB installed without any issues. (Although I had to turn off the UAC)

Then did the Radio DJ install as usual.

When I went to set the RadioDJ database up I found Windows 10 wanted to automatically install .NET rather than having to search and download it manually.

How cool is that?

The 64bit install seemed to have a few issues with RadioDJ until I realised that Visual basic needed to be installed.

After I’d installed the Visual Basic file RadioDJ seemed to work just fine.

After testing on the 64bit version which doesn’t seem to all that stable at the moment. I went onto installing the 32bit version.

The 32bit version seems to be holding up a little bit better than the 64bit version.

Radio DJ is chugging along nicely on the 32bit install.

So far I’m impressed with Windows 10.

I shall keep updating my developer previews just to see what other changes they make to it.

I guess though we shall be sticking with Windows 7 until we’re forced to upgrade.

If you want to test the Windows 10 Developer Preview then you can find it on the Microsoft website Here.

Recording Stuff?

This is another question I get asked a lot on forums.

Q: How do I go about “Recording Stuff?”

A: Download & install Audacity


I’ve used audacity to record shows and mixes with and it works like a charm. I swear by it for recording even simple things like Jingles with as well.

It’s even used by professional broadcasters who use it for recording shows with.

It’s not that difficult to learn and use. Although like any new software it may take you a while to get used to what does what.

Audacity also has a range of LADSPA Plugins available to enable you to engineer your recordings like a true pro.

I’ve used Audacity now since around 2003 and I couldn’t be happier it’s a lot easier to get used to than some of the paid for audio recording programs out there.

Yet again it’s a case of FREE software being able to do the same thing as a lot of the paid for audio recording software.

N.B If you were looking for the RadioDJ recording plugin I no longer supply it due to inactivity by its author and lack of updates.

Why So Unfriendly?

Why So Unfriendly? That is the current question I am asking myself.

I’ve been a DJ for over 27 years now. I’ve never had an ego about it. I’ve always just been ME!

I’ve always had issues with other DJ’s thinking they were better than me which really got on my nerves.

This problem has only got worse recently it seems a huge clique of the Internet radio crowd seem to want to make my life hell.

Which in turn has made me question whether or not I want to carry on being a DJ let alone a Radio DJ. It’s a sorry state of affairs when stuff like this happens.

I thought broadcasting was supposed be “Professional” & not like a school playground.

I know the majority of the Internet radio crowd have taken against me because of my huge dislike for SAM Broadcaster, I’m sorry but there is no way on this earth SAM is worth $299 and I want to make sure I get that message across.

Regardless of what you think about me I’m still a human being, who last time I looked is still entitled to an opinion on something.

I’d very much prefer it if certain people within the world of Internet radio would just disappear altogether.

I can be doing without the stress….

To those who want to give me hell how about you GO TO HELL??

I’m past caring and currently thinking about what I do next.

Spacial Audio Magically Disappearing Posts

Spacial Audio Magically Disappearing Posts (Abracadabra)

Don’t bother complaining to Spacial Audio via their Facebook pages. It appears that who ever is in charge of managing the pages doesn’t know how to deal with complaints.

Posts magically disappear before they can be seen by people.

That is no way to run customer service. It’s just another reason why people shouldn’t deal with Spacial Audio.

If they can’t handle criticism from unhappy customers why do they bother having Facebook pages?

It’s always been the same especially on their forums the minute you dared to complain about SAM broadcaster not working a moderator would either lock the post or remove it altogether

I know of other software companies who actually welcome complaints via Facebook so they know where they are going wrong with things.

Spacial need to stop burying their heads in the sand and actually start listening to what’s going wrong with their software.

It’s the only way thing will improve.

Next time your looking for radio automation software don’t buy from Spacial you will only regret it when something goes wrong.

When Social Housing Goes Wrong

When Social Housing Goes Wrong

For the past few years the residents of the estate we live on have had to put up with 1 tenant causing anti-social behaviour.

Everything from threatening behaviour to playing loud music. You name it he did it.

The local housing provider has been trying their hardest to get rid of him. They were due in court so they could take back possesion of the property.

Thankfully he quit the property the day before the court case.

I just asked the workmen who were clearing the place out if I could take a few pictures & they obliged!

As you can see from the above pictures he left behind a trail of destruction. How anyone can live like that is beyond me.

There is simply no excuse for anti-social behaviour.

I feel sorry for the people in the area he’s moved too they are now probably going to have to put up with the same sort of crap!

There are some people in this world who should never be allowed to have social housing.

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