RadioDJ Streaming Plugin

The RadioDJ streaming plugin written by Marius will stream to a Shoutcast & Icecast server.

You can find a download of Radio DJ by clicking on the picture below.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

(If the link isn’t working for you right click on the picture and “Save Link As”)

How to install the streaming plugin.

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Today’s Show is being Cancelled

I keep seeing tweets on Twitter where DJ’s are having to apologise to their listeners because SAM Broadcaster crashed on them during a live show.

SAM-Broadcasterstopped working

“We’re experiencing issues with SAM Broadcaster so unfortunately today’s show is being cancelled. Sorry everyone”

DJ’s & station owners shouldn’t have to put up with SAM Broadcaster crashing on them just as they’re about to go live on the Internet.

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Why Is My Shoutcast Server Private?

Why Is My Shoutcast Server Private? Was a question asked recently by someone on the Shoutcast forums.

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The user then goes on to say he is using the free shoutcast service “Listen2MyRadio”

That’s exactly where his problem lies.

Listen2MyRadio don’t allow shoutcast servers to be public, Even if you have set your encoder to public.

It’s another huge drawback with a free shoutcast service as you have to get your listeners to tune in via a webpage on their domain.

You could ask their technical support dept if they will make your server public but the answer will always be NO.

It’s not even as if the free service on @listen2myradio is any good in the first place It always buffered when I tried the service about 10 years ago.

I don’t think it will have improved any since.

“The only way you will get your shoutcast server listed publicly on the shoutcast YP is by paying a host $$$ for a server with listener slots.

Also steer clear of Shoutcast/Icecast hosts that claim to offer “Unlimited” listeners… There NO such thing as “Unlimited” every server maxes out bandwidth eventually.

Promises Promises Spacial Audio

Promises Promises Spacial Audio.

I’ve been made aware of some of the contents of Spacial Audio’s latest newsletter.

This year they promise the earth yet again & they also promise to work hard. (We will believe that when we see it!)

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They are also promising SAM Broadcaster for the MAC this year.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

it would be nice if for once Spacial actually concentrated on making SAM Broadcaster work properly on Windows before they start off with promises of a version for the Mac.

Of course we have heard this all before!

“They make promises in January and by the time December rolls around they haven’t achieved a great deal. While still raking in the cash from the yearly subscriptions”

In 2013 they promised a third deck which never materialised and then most of 2014 was spent concentrating on SAM Vibe (Now rebranded SAM Broadcaster Cloud) which most users don’t want to use.

If you’re fed up with Spacial and their constant broken promises vote with your wallets and DON’T subscribe to SAM Broadcaster 2015.

Switch to Radio DJ free radio automation software instead.

RadioDJ doesn’t require keys or subscriptions and is better programmed than SAM Broadcaster.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

Your wallet will thank you in the long run when you’re not paying out $$$ every year, plus you won’t have to put up with Spacial and their PR bullshit!

SAM Broadcaster Unable to send data fast enough

Anyone who has ever encountered this problem with SAM Broadcaster knows how frustrating it can be when this error message appears in encoders window.

“Unable to send data fast enough Encoding paused until buffer clears”


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When the encoders in SAM Broadcaster say “Unable to send data fast enough” It is NOT your internet connection or your computer at fault.

It’s a major flaw in the SAM Broadcaster encoders which has never been addressed.

If you do a search for the subject on the Spacial Audio forums.

The results extend to 28 pages with users being told that it’s a problem with their connection.

When it’s actually the SAM Broadcaster encoders at fault.

SAM Broadcaster Unable to send data fast enough

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We’ve spent long enough testing other standalone encoding software options & they all worked as they should for days and weeks without buffering.

There is an easy solution to this problem.

1) Uninstall Sam Broadcaster from your PC.
2) Download RadioDJ & unzip the RadioDJ folder onto the root of the C:\ drive outside the programs folder.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

3) Install RadioDJ as per These Instructions
4) Then you can install either a standalone encoder or you can install the RadioDJ Streaming Plugin

Hopefully you should have no more buffering issues with your stream.

If you do it might be worth having a word with your ISP support department to smooth out any connection problems with your upload speeds.

Also in the unlikely event of you running into any issues then there’s help available on the RadioDJ Community Forum

If you search the RadioDJ forums you might just find your question has been answered before.

No one should have to put up with the encoders in software buffering on them!

Promises as broken as their product!

Promises as broken as their product!

So 2014 has been & gone & Spacial Audio only released 7 versions of SAM Broadcaster in 2014.

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It would appear to all intents and purposes that Spacial are still not listening to their customer base and still not fixing bugs or including new features in SAM Broadcaster 2014 It’s been all about SAM Vibe and SAM Broadcaster Live DJ.

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I gather most users of SAM Broadcaster don’t seem to want the integration of SAM Vibe. (Now: SAM Broadcaster Cloud)

It seems it’s the same old story when it comes to Spacial Audio and SAM Broadcaster.

In 2013 they sent out emails promising the introduction of a 3rd deck in the program in 2014.

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As you can see from the above screenshot it appears the 3rd deck never materialised in the 2014 versions of SAM.

Yet again another broken promise!

Our advice as always is vote with your wallets and don’t buy anything from Spacial.

Switch to the better and free RadioDJ instead and you will be a lot happier in the long run.

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Forget Spacial Audio LLC and their products they seem to have lost all interest in actually releasing software that works.

“It seems Spacial’s promises are as broken as their product”

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