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Using Sam Dj To Mix With? Erm… No!

Spacial Audio have written another blog post about SAM DJ (Formerly SAM Party DJ) They claim its great for mixing/beat matching with..? “This might be great for a Bar or Restaurant to provide background music, but it’s clearly not suitable for doing live DJing”   Last updated on: June 19th, 2017at 12:59 PM Europe/London

Playit Live Radio Automation.

PlayIt Live Radio Automation. This program had been on my radar for quite a while I hadn’t had the chance to test it. The results weren’t great I’m afraid. I downloaded, installed & then I started importing tracks into it via the built in tracks manager feature. Unfortunately that’s where it all started going downhill.

Last updated on: April 12th, 2017
at 19:33 PM Europe/London

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