I’m sat here reading through the Spacial Audio change-log for SAM Broadcaster 2016 and shaking my head in disbelief…

(It happens at this time every year without fail)

In the space of 12 months there have been 11 releases of SAM Broadcaster and most of the changes in most of the updates have all been focused on SAM Broadcaster Cloud (AGAIN!)

There has only been 1 new feature in SAM Broadcaster in 2016 and that’s what they call “Dual Screen Support” which is just a pop up window that can be dragged onto another monitor.

If I was a customer of @Spacial I’d be livid at the fact they’ve only put 1 new feature in their software this year.

“WHY are people still paying $$$ to Spacial Audio every year to subscribe to their software?”

At least when RadioDJ gets updated there is usually more than just the 1 update/feature.

(Currently awaiting a new version)

Best part about RadioDJ is its *FREE for use by any DJ or Internet radio station anywhere in the world.

(*Not misleading RadioDJ really is 100% free!)

Its 6 years in January 2017 since we ditched SAM Broadcaster and I’m somewhat glad we did because RadioDJ was the best discovery ever made via a Google search.

I’d suggest that people complain to Spacial but then they would only class that complaint as “Hate Speech” and remove it from their social media feeds.

If you’re fed up of being taken for a ride by Spacial Audio then vote with your wallet and switch software.

Stop paying $$$ for a subscription to SAM Broadcaster every year you’re only wasting your money!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 15:11 PM Europe/London