Saw a post on a forum where someone stated this:

“There is a cost for everything. Often what’s ‘free’ up front can turn out to be ‘expensive’ in the end (one way or another)”


Wait! Just one cotton picking moment! Not everything that’s free is bad!

We’ve had a lot of FREE stuff over the years and not all of it was bad.

(Being partly Scottish I expect freebies from time to time)

“The MYTH that free stuff is bad is usually peddled by corporations so people buy their products instead”

Paid for products sometimes come at an inflated price & aren’t always great value for money. We’ve found from experience that some of the companies selling products have really bad customer service.

We know of at least one software company that tries it’s hardest to peddle the myth that free software is “bad” in their blog posts.

Yes there are some things for free that you need to be careful of but sometimes free stuff can be amazingly brilliant.

RadioDJ free radio automation software. Is amazing and stable compared to other software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

There are NO hidden costs, No nasty catches and it’s certainly not been expensive using RadioDJ!

The FREE software that’s available for download from this website also comes without any hidden costs/catches.

The only thing we’ve had to pay out for while using RadioDJ has been for our VPS so we could run a shoutcast server/website. Even then that wasn’t that expensive.

So can we cut the BULLSHIT?! You believe free stuff is bad if you want… We know it isn’t!

Free software can be amazing and useful & not everything that’s FREE ends up leaving you out of pocket!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 22:54 PM Europe/London

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