We’ve recently been accused of “misleading” people when it comes to RadioDJ free radio automation software.

How can we put this?

“We have NEVER mislead anyone when it comes to RadioDJ everything we’ve said about the program is TRUE”

Yes this blog is dedicated to RadioDJ and its for a good reason, RadioDJ has to be the best piece of music automation software we’ve ever had the pleasure to use.


The posts we’ve written about SAM Broadcaster and its various problems are also not in the slightest misleading.

The problems documented about SAM and it’s “issues” have either happened to us or other people who have used SAM Broadcaster.

OK so maybe you had a different experience with SAM Broadcaster but it doesn’t mean everyone else using that POS had the same experience.

Just because we’ve had the balls to hold Spacial Audio to account about their badly coded software doesn’t make us bad people.

Someone had to do it!

None of the links from this site are “click-bait” unlike other blogs/software companies posts. We do NOT spam anyone in relation to RadioDJ.

We suggest RadioDJ as a solution when we see someone having problems with other software.

What we write on this blog will always be true especially when it comes to software and its features or issues.

What’s the point in sugar coating things?

What part of “RadioDJ is 100% free and comes with NO catches or nasty hidden fees” is misleading exactly?


If you don’t believe what we’ve said on this website about RadioDJ then read the Testimonials on the RadioDJ forums.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:54 PM Europe/London

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