Just seen someone post this statement on the SAM Broadcaster Cloud Facebook page.

“I genuinely wish there was an alternative to SAM Broadcaster on the market”

He can’t have searched the Internet or Google that hard… Otherwise he would have known that there is a 100% FREE alternative that works better than SAM Broadcaster.

We can’t stress enough as to just how reliable and stable RadioDJ free radio automation software is.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at RadioDJ over the last few years and it’s always worked without any issues (Even the beta versions worked great)

RadioDJ loads rotations/events/promos without breaking a sweat, It crossfades as radio automation software should and It works for days/weeks (sometimes months) without anyone needing to keep an eye on it.

We just wish SAM Broadcaster in all it’s various guises had been this reliable but alas it never was. SAM would crash/freeze when you least expected it or wanted it to.

Whereas RadioDJ has NEVER let us down in the 5 years we’ve used the program.

We’ve been able to do live shows and record stuff without worrying about the software going wrong.

You don’t even need to be a RadioDJ to use RadioDJ, It also works great as a home automation solution for your music collection. You can organise your music how you want not how a program like iTunes wants it.

(Download the latest version of RadioDJ by clicking on the logo above or right click and “Save link As”)

If you should happen to see someone having issues with SAM Broadcaster just tell them about RadioDJ

We know some people are AFRAID of using FREE software but in the case of RadioDJ there is no need to be!

RadioDJ could transform your radio station instantly if only you gave it a chance!

People think we mislead people when it comes to RadioDJ but for the record: We don’t everything we’ve said about RadioDJ is true!

RadioDJ really is 100% FREE and it really is reliable. There are NO nasty hidden fees or catches. What’s misleading about that?

You’ll be glad you Installed RadioDJ it will make your life so much better & you won’t have the same amount of stress.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 15:40 PM Europe/London

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