I’ve been a DJ for a long time now (28+ years) although I’ve had a love of music for as long as I can remember.

I started out in my teens at the Youth club in March 1987 doing the weekly disco on a Friday evening.

The record decks I first used at the youth centre looked like this.

Old Record decks

It’s been a fun ride along the way over the last 28 or so years even if it hasn’t always been plain sailing…

How many venues have I worked at? Now there’s a damn good question!

This is a list of some of the places I’ve been a DJ at in my time.

1) Bottesford Youth Centre – Scunthorpe
2) Riddings Youth Centre – Scunthorpe
3) RAOB Club – Ashby – Scunthorpe
4) Ashby Cons Club – Ashby – Scunthorpe
5) The Brumby Hotel – Scunthorpe

The main bulk of my compare/DJ work was on the committee at Ashby Cons Club where I did the Friday night private parties and Saturday night MC bringing the acts on/off stage etc.

I spent many a happy night there over the years playing tunes for peoples birthdays/anniversaries/weddings.

I never seemed to get a chance at doing much DJ work when I lived in places such as London and Manchester even though I had asked in a few venues.

The worst venue? Had to be The Father Redcap Camberwell London in 1998.

I’d offered to fill in for one of the DJ’s who wanted a Wednesday night off. I showed up to the pub to start doing the gig & the manager (Chris) stitched me up like a kipper by hiding the record player styluses (How very grown up?) meaning I couldn’t do the gig.

I wasn’t best pleased as you can probably imagine…

Refused to drink in there for a while as a protest until they put new managers in.

A few years later I attempted a Sunday night 80s disco at the Outpost in Manchester and it was an unmitigated disaster.

Unfortunately Gay people can be so fickle! They’ll dance to 1980s Hi-Nrg when a DJ is playing it in a club but not when It’s played in a pub?

In 2007 I moved back to Scunthorpe from Manchester to be nearer family.

Went back to do more discos and MC/Committee work for Ashby Cons Club. Yes even calling bingo!

I ended up quitting Ashby Cons after my third stint on the committee in 2008 due to family commitments.

I’d had breaks from it previously in the 1990s to work away in London.

It seems strange looking back on it now… most of the other venues that I couldn’t mention here have either closed to make way for flats or have long since been demolished.

It’s been fun doing various discos over the years…

The one thing I don’t miss is having to lug crates of vinyl around that’s one of the root causes of my spondylolysis not lifting properly! The curse of most DJ’s back in the day was getting a bad back from carrying (heavy) equipment from the van into the venue.

Would I go back and do DJ work at any of the venues that are still open? Probably not I’ve now semi-retired from DJ work.

Although If the price was right I’d do a gig again but would have to give it great thought before I said yes.

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