Q: Why do I dislike SAM Broadcaster?


A: “I could never get through a radio show without something going wrong with the software. Whether it be the program crashing/freezing or the encoders buffering on me. Nothing ever worked as it should”

It got tedious having to constantly reinstall/reconfigure the program. I thought at first it was a problem confined to my computer, How wrong I was!

It’s gone wrong on every PC/Laptop and operating system since. I test the newer versions to see if anything changes when they release a new version.

This happened recently testing out the newer versions of the software.


The encoders buffering in SAM Broadcaster is nothing new it’s another reason to hate the program.

Back when I first used SAM the encoders/program went wrong so often it lost me my regular slot on an Internet radio station.

I lost a lot of self confidence as a DJ all because SAM Broadcaster wouldn’t work as advertised. When a piece of software has you doubting your ability as a DJ.

You know something is wrong!

I’m just glad I found RadioDJ free radio automation software back in 2011.

radiodj137 Click to enlarge

RadioDJ makes streaming an Internet radio station a pleasure, It just works without freezing or crashing.

RadioDJ can run for weeks and months without a restart of the program. One user went 234 days between restarts.

RadioDJ is really reliable and has NEVER let us down.

(Download RadioDJ by clicking on the logo above or right click and “Save link As”)

Radio DJ seems to be more professional & is written by a guy who seems to have a real passion for developing software.

I haven’t had anywhere near the amount of stress using RadioDJ that I had with SAM Broadcaster.

Internet radio as a hobby should be something you enjoy but when software lets you down it takes all that enjoyment away.

As someone put it on social media recently.

“SAM Broadcaster is the Fisher Price of radio automation software and shouldn’t be used by anyone”

I gave the program over 8 years of my time, It’s NOT like I started hating SAM Broadcaster straight away.

I contacted one of the stations I used to do shows for asking for a second chance, Alas they didn’t want to know because SAM Broadcaster had let me down previously.

I wasted far too much time & energy trying to get SAM Broadcaster working properly. You too would HATE a piece software if you’d spent time using it & it never worked as it should!

All I am doing via this blog is telling people about my experiences with a piece of software. So they hopefully don’t end up making the same mistake.

There is nothing remotely wrong or misleading in my doing that!

Next time someone has a go at me about the way I put SAM Broadcaster down. This post is the answer as to Why I Hate SAM Broadcaster so much.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 21:10 PM Europe/London

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