We bought ourselves a Google Chromecast recently. (At first I was sceptical as to whether we needed one)


Its only been just over a week since we started using it and my goodness its amazing!

We wanted to use it to play the music from RadioDJ on our home surround sound system.

We searched Google & found an application called Audio Cast which picks up the audio from the main sound card and streams it over Wi-Fi to the Chromecast.


We extracted Audio Cast to (C:\audio-cast-win32-ia32\audio-cast.exe) then sent it to the desktop as a shortcut.

Please Note: Although one of the bugfix solutions on the GitHub page tells you to run Audio cast as ‘administrator’ we don’t recommend you do this as we found it caused us stability issues on our Windows 10 machine

Other than that it works flawlessly we can just leave RadioDJ chugging away automating our music collection and Chromecast just keeps playing it.

We’ve already taken away the wire that used to supply sound to our sound system & unless something goes wrong with Chromecast we doubt we’ll ever actually need it again.

If only technology had been this advanced in the 1980s…

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