By now you are probably aware that I dislike a program called SAM Broadcaster made by Spacial Audio


Let me explain a little as to why I hate it so much:

I discovered Internet radio back in 1999/2000 time when I first started using the Internet. Although It was 2002 before I got chance to actually DJ on the Internet.

I had played with SAM Broadcaster v1.3 when I first looked into Internet radio but my station never got off the ground due to personal reasons.

One of the stations I listened to when I got my own computer was advertising for DJ’s so I signed up & ended up with regular weekly radio show.

I had to use SAM Broadcaster v2.7.9 to do my shows with.

Despite being talked through the setup of the program it was fiddly/awkward to setup for a computer novice like me (at the time) I’d never worked with MySQL up until that point either.

The program never worked as it should & more often than not it would crash, freeze or the encoders would buffer during a live show.

“SAM Broadcaster is the bane of my existence. It was responsible for my biggest on air zinger ever”

The crashing & buffering issues actually lost me the DJ position on one radio station. (Thanks for that you POS!!)

I put up with SAM Broadcaster and it’s little “quirks” for just over 8 years.

The final straw came on New Year’s Day 2011 when an error message similar to the one below popped up and SAM Broadcaster was only playing station jingles. Instead of playing music.

SAm Broadcaster clockwheel failure

It’s what’s known as a Clockwheel failure

SAM wouldn’t play any songs yet the clockwheel rotation had more than enough songs/artists to choose from.

We had over 5000 tracks for it to choose from & we had title separation set at 1440 minutes (24 Hours) and artist separation at 240 minutes. So lack of available songs couldn’t have been the cause of the issue.

SAM Broadcaster just wouldn’t do what it was designed to do and that’s to stream/play music. Enough was enough!

“We gave it up as a bad job & I was truly fed up to the back teeth with the software not working as it should!”

Around late 2010 we discovered a piece of software via a Google search called RadioDJ free radio automation software.

I decided to switch to it after the clockwheel failures and other assorted problems with SAM Broadcaster.

We instantly liked the program & found it easy to use. It held up for a lot longer than SAM Broadcaster ever could.

The record stands at 24 months uptime and that was only stopped to upgrade to the newer version

Click To enlarge

We swear by RadioDJ as a radio automation program. RadioDJ has NEVER let us down & it’s always been there and worked everytime we’ve gone to work with it.

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ has taken all of the stress out of automating the music. It just works as an automation program should.

We doubt anyone will want to put up with SAM Broadcaster and its issues, Especially now RadioDJ can do the same job (Only Better!) for FREE.

Before you think about paying out $$$ for SAM Broadcaster have a look at RadioDJ. You may be pleasantly surprised by how good the free stuff works.

“Remember a “Fool and their money” are easily parted!”

Despite claims by Spacial Audio in their blog posts RadioDJ doesn’t come with any catches or nasty hidden fees

“Its 100% FREE for use by any DJ or radio station in the world”

Last updated on: January 25th, 2018
at 09:41 AM Europe/London

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