Radionomy to be sued?

A news article popped up on Torrent Freak about a group of prominent U.S. record labels who have filed a lawsuit against the DIY online radio platform Radionomy for:

“Promoting and facilitating mass copyright infringement by hosting ‘pirate’ radio stations”

Through their Shoutcast & Radionomy platforms.

At the time of writing this post the Shoutcast listings were offline for “maintenance”


The “GREEDY” U.S. based record labels have already seen off Live365 and now it appears they are going after Radionomy/Shoutcast

It’s seems it mainly Sony Music who are the main party going after RadioNomy.

If you do a search on Radionomy for “pirate” you’re greeted with these results.


Pirate stations on the internet are of course nothing new there are literally 1000’s of them. Some of them have been on air over 16 years to my knowledge. It’s going to push even more hobby/pirate radio stations underground, with stations broadcasting from “Private” servers that will no doubt change IP/ports every few weeks.

If the royalty payment rates weren’t such a joke & weren’t so costly, then maybe these small ‘hobbyist’ broadcasters (as the article puts it) might actually want to pay their share. As it stand now the major record labels and royalty collection agencies are starting to alienate the whole internet radio community with their GREED and lawsuits!

“They’ve been wanting to KILL internet radio for few years now, if things go the way of the record labels then they might just do just that”

Inevitably if they force Radionomy/Shoutcast to pull the plug altogether it’s only going to mean one thing in the long run and that’s less money for the Artists/Composers (NOT that many of those artists or composers see the money collected through royalty payment agencies)

Apparently according to the article Radionomy haven’t paid royalties to SoundExchange since 2014… We honestly thought that was gossip when we first heard about it!

Internet radio used to be fun, now the record labels and royalty agencies are flexing their muscles it seems to have taken a lot of that JOY away for broadcasters. It’s all a bit pants if you ask me.

Last updated on: July 19th, 2017
at 13:54 PM Europe/London

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