I visited the SAM Broadcaster page on Facebook recently and saw this post.

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It seems the person manning the social media accounts for Spacial Audio has since deleted the post.

Outlining the reasons you are dumping the manufacturer’s software on their Facebook page should be great way to make the makers of that software sit up and take notice.

Although we doubt Spacial Audio will even have taken the criticism on board. They’re paranoid like that!

(They have a nasty habit of deleting customer complaints)

The user who posted this is of course right in what they state. RadioDJ is indeed a lot more stable and user friendly than SAM Broadcaster ever could be.

Plus the costs do indeed start racking up if you want to make use of the SAM Broadcaster DJ seats feature.

The amount of people that are now switching from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ speaks for itself.

At the last count there were over 200,000 downloads of the latest version of RadioDJ

Spacial Audio may well have once had a monopoly in the radio automation software market.

Sadly it seems they don’t anymore, Now there’s a better FREE alternative to broadcast online with.

Download RadioDJ v2.0.0.1

“When long time users of a piece of software fall out of love with a program then you know something is wrong somewhere”

It’s becoming more & more apparent that Internet radio Broadcasters don’t want or like SAM Broadcaster anymore.

Spacial Audio really should start listening to their customer base otherwise they will end up failing as a company.

Last updated on: November 28th, 2017
at 10:31 AM Europe/London

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