Yet again I’ve had a user of RadioDJ tell me that Norton Antivirus keeps flagging up the RadioDJ website as having malware.

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Well that’s no good is it?

I emailed Marius who owns the website to let him know about the issue and he’s told me that the offending file isn’t on the server anymore.

“So where is Norton getting the idea from that the RadioDJ website is dangerous from?

I’ve blogged before about Antivirus software having issues with RadioDJ.exe

It’s rare I hear of someone not being able to access the main RadioDJ website because their AV software flags it up as suspicious.

“Hey Norton, Avast, AVG, Panda, McAfee, Clam AV and other antivirus software developers can you do every RadioDJ user in the world a favour? Add and the RadioDJ program folder files to your list of allowed websites/software.

Yet again I find myself having to say…

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Not in the program folders, the plugins or the website. It’s getting annoying now!

“People could be missing out on great free radio software because an antivirus database thinks a website/program is infected when it’s clearly NOT”

We wouldn’t have used it for over 5 years if it had any form of Malware/Spyware built into the program. Believe us It’s SAFE!

Last updated on: December 2nd, 2017
at 09:28 AM Europe/London