We’ve recently noticed a rise in companies like Spacial Audio, RadioJar offering packages that enable you to run a radio station in the cloud.

The question is are they are actually worth paying out for?

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We personally think not. Most of the packages we see advertised by the representatives of these companies are very poor value for money.

You can rent your own VPS with far more storage space for a fraction of the price they charge.

I know I like to be in full control when I’m streaming my music on a radio station.

I want the program at my fingertips, Not away from my PC on a virtual cloud server.

It’s just what the world of Radio does NOT need another load of automated stations streaming from a cloud server with no on air talent.

You have enough of them already listed on Shoutcast/Icecast.

Last updated on: May 31st, 2017
at 13:59 PM Europe/London

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