When it comes to radio automation software you have a choice…

“Do you pay $$$ for a program or do you download a program for free?”

Personally we’d rather have something for FREE. Leaves us with more money to spend on other stuff.


Nearly everytime we test the paid for automation solutions we come to the conclusion that the paid for offerings within the radio automation market just don’t perform that well.

“The demo versions of some of the automation software offerings have such harsh limitations on them that you can’t try the program out to see how stable it is”

Where as we’ve found free software such as RadioDJ works better than the paid for programs.

Once Setup RadioDJ works for weeks and sometimes months without needing a restart.

We’d rather help save someone from the hell that is a paid for product with very little in the way of support.

(The case in point being SAM Broadcaster)

People pay lots of $$$ for SAM Broadcaster and when something goes wrong they get next to no support for the product.

The support desk at Spacial Audio support just sends them the same old canned replies time after time.

Where as free software such as RadioDJ has better support through a Community lead forum

If you are just getting into Internet radio then we urge you to try the free radio automation packages such as RadioDJ

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

It shouldn’t cost the earth for software when you have a hobby such as Internet radio.

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