President – European Summer

President – European Summer

This is another one of those rare finds from the 1980s that I have in my vinyl collection.

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President were band from Middlesbrough a small town in the UK.

President – European Summer was written by Tony Wright & Geoff Wright in 1986. This track was produced by Will Birch of The Records (The Records band members helped on the Harmonies) Alan Coates from the Hollies also played guest guitar on the track.

Unfortunately it never charted. I guess that’s why I was lucky enough to find it in the bargain bin at my local record shop in the late 80s.

Anyway here is the 12″ (Dance It Up Mix) of President – European Summer

Here’s the video they made for the song.

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Topping And Butch.

One of the funniest cabaret acts I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on stage has to the fantastic Topping and Butch.

I first met Topping when he was part of an act with Dave Lynn back in the early 90’s whilst working at a pub in Islington.

You may also have heard them on BBC Radio 4 “Loose ends” with their topical ditty “Never Mind”.


One of their best songs in their act was “Gaydar the Musical” a parody set to various musicals about the Gay dating site Gaydar.

Another one of their more Risqué songs has to be their take on the Les Miserable’s “Master of the House”.

They can still be found performing at many venues throughout the UK and sometimes the Edinburgh festival.

Their website gives more information about them.

I would like to thank Topping and Butch for all the laughs and the innuendo whenever I’ve seen them perform.

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Dubh Chapter – Happy Is The Bride (Eg Records 1990)

Yet another one of my finds from the “Bargain bin” in Record Village in Scunthorpe.

I liked this track as soon as I heard it & It really hasn’t been far away from my playlist since.

Dubh Chapter – Happy is The Bride (EG Records 1990).



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Protocol – There’s No Holding Back (Hit The Deck Records 1987)

Hands up Kids!

Who remembers Grange Hill? OK so that’s probably most of you.

Everyone will remember Ant Jones who was bullied by Mr Bronson and also featured on the anti drugs single “Just say no”.

The guy who played him was “Ricky Simmons” & he had a stab at pop stardom with his band “Protocol”.

I remember him plugging this song at an under 18’s night in Scunthorpe @JJ’z nightclub on a Monday night (Aka Nappy Night).

I later found the 7″ single on sale in the bargain bin in “Our Price” I paid all of 10p for it (Bargain)

Protocol – There’s No Holding Back (Hit the Deck Records 1987)


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A Tribe Of Toffs – Terry Wogan’s On Tv (Again!)

A Tribe of Toffs are best known for their song for their Song “John Kettley is a Weatherman” which was a minor hit in the UK charts.

The follow up was “Terry Wogan’s on TV (Again!)” according to the Guinness book of singles It never charted.

I own a copy which again was found it in the “Bargain Bin” at Record Village in Scunthorpe. I think I paid 50p for the 7″ single in 1990.

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