RadioDJ related downloads and tutorials.

RadioDJ Track(s) from SQL Query

Recently the developer of RadioDJ introduced a feature into the program called “Track(s) from SQL Query” which can be used along side track rotations.


It makes programming songs from the “Top 40” “Most played” or “Two songs by the same artist” a piece of pie.

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RadioDJ Recording Plugin

RadioDJ Recording Plugin.

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The recording plugin is able to record what you are playing through RadioDJ.

Please note: Support for this plugin is limited if it doesn’t work for you then use another piece of software such as Audacity to record your audio with. We haven’t heard from the developer of this plugin for quite sometime and don’t know if there’s likely to be an update.


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RadioDJ Streaming Plugin

The RadioDJ streaming plugin written by Marius will stream to a Shoutcast & Icecast server.

You can find a download of Radio DJ by clicking on the picture below.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

(If the link isn’t working for you right click on the picture and “Save Link As”)

How to install the streaming plugin.

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