I keep seeing Tweets from people with links to a Youtube video for SAM Broadcaster.


“In the description of the video there’s the usual blurb about SAM Broadcaster Pro and links to a website http://thecheapsoftware.com/sambcpro”

When you click on the links below the video they take you to the Spacial Audio website.

So in turn the cheap software web address is a marketing ploy to shift copies of SAM Broadcaster 2016.

Things must be getting desperate at Spacial Audio, If they had to team up with a website called “the cheap software” just to gain a few sales.

In any case we would hardly call SAM Broadcaster CHEAP software especially when SAM ends up costing users $$$ year after year.

(At time of writing SAM Broadcaster was on offer at $209 usual price is $299)

The tweets themselves ask leading questions…

Q: “Does Sam Broadcaster Really Work?”

A: Well actually NO SAM Broadcaster does NOT work. Its prone to crashing (without warning) and really hogs system resources.

If you want really cheap & reliable radio automation software then you need RadioDJ

RadioDJ IS 100% FREE (No Keys, No Catches, No Activation’s) You can’t get cheaper than free!

Cheap Software? Don’t make us laugh Spacial Audio!!!

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