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Only 1 new feature (SAM Broadcaster 2016)

I’m sat here reading through the Spacial Audio change-log for SAM Broadcaster 2016 and shaking my head in disbelief… (It happens at this time every year without fail)

SAM Broadcaster 2016 (Stops working)

We’ve been sat on this information for around a week now and haven’t done anything with it (until now obviously) We keeping seeing more users with the same problem with the latest release of SAM Broadcaster 2016.

Off air need to repair SAM Broadcaster

Seen a couple of posts recently on social media from radio station owners & DJ’s all stating they couldn’t do their shows. “I won’t be on air this week I just hope SAM Broadcaster doesn’t fuck up on me again next week” “No live show tonight we’re off air until further notice we need to

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Free alternative to Sam Broadcaster

Free alternative to SAM Broadcaster? Q: Is there a free alternative to SAM Broadcaster? A: Yes RadioDJ is a free alternative to SAM Broadcaster. RadioDJ is suitable for DJs of all ages and makes for a perfect Auto DJ system. Once setup and working it will run for months without needing to be restarted.

The Experiment Is Going well? (SAM Broadcaster Cracks)

A while back we started a little experiment and wrote a few blog posts to do with people wanting cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster. So far the experiment has only confirmed what we thought anyway. It seems there are many desperate people out there who want an illegal copy of SAM Broadcaster. The results on

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SAM Broadcaster Cloud Outages

We keep seeing posts from lots of frustrated Spacial Audio/SAM Broadcaster Cloud customers. It appears there have been several major SAM Broadcaster Cloud outages recently on the Microsoft Azure platform hosting Spacial Audio’s cloud solution. “We were back, then down again. Currently back. However, now we can’t access our cloud account. Shocking service, so unreliable”

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SAM Broadcaster free download with registration key?

Search term appeared on Google analytics again this week “SAM Broadcaster free download with registration key” Unfortunately It seems the message about using cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster hasn’t quite filtered through to some people.

Why is SAM Broadcaster Crashing?

Why is SAM broadcaster crashing? That could be down to a number of issues…

Can’t get SAM Broadcaster to install on Windows 10

Saw this in among the search terms used on this website recently. “Can’t get SAM Broadcaster to install on Windows 10”   We’re guessing this person was trying to install a really old version of the software.

Alternative to SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster Alternative?

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